Scania can count on an experience of more then a century. The knowhow, which has been gathered throughout this long period, can be found even in the smallest part of the SCANIA engine. This is the reason why these engines are the most reliable solution in a wide range of applications, as well as Industrial as Marine.

Scania builds more than 80.000 engines each year, which are not only used for trucks and busses, but also for marine and industrial applications.

These applications include for example container handling machines, generator sets, pumps and hydraulic sets and every imaginable marine application, such as propulsion and auxiliary use.
The base of the engine stays always the same, Scania engines are adapted to the wishes of the customer.

All these engine have one chief characteristic in common: they are highly reliable and cost-efficient, both in consumption and in maintenance.

All types of Scania engines are equipped with one cylinder head per cylinder. This design ensures a significant reduction of cost, both in recurring maintenance as in interventions which can be executed by one technician.